In mid-October I will be headed to Fort Collins Colorado to get certified in the Prosci Train the Trainer program.

I love this song by Imagine Dragons. Only…there’s no such thing as a natural.

Why You Haven’t Fulfilled Your Potential, Madness of Modernity, Underestimating Gratitude and More

Work, life, Star Wars, selling peaches on the side of the road and more.

Monday was amazing because of the article, it was made infinitely more so by the love and support that was positively unavoidable the entire day.

You always have a choice. Choose the change the system. Choose to change the results.

I’m headed to Boston in October for the SHRM Leadership Development Forum!

The work we do is too important to be left to chance.

There is a place for human connection in ALL that we do.

“Understanding the mind of another person,” as the researchers put it, is only possible when we actually probe them about what they think, rather than assuming we already know.”

The weather taxes you in every way. It seeps into your consciousness, affects your sleep, and leaches away at your energy for anything productive or restorative.

Five reads that have me thinking.

The pics that tangentially tell the tale of 2018 (so far).

The goal is COMPLETION and to capture the momentum built by completion.

These are the moments that stood out, they made me think, they affirmed or challenged what I know.