Here are five articles that have me thinking..


This music feels special, familiar even. It brings back memories, even though it’s new. 

Normal five day work weeks arrived, along with cooler weather (albeit, the latter arrived with a terrible hurricane) in August. 

I hope you choose to contribute in whatever way is right for you. If you do, here’s how to help.

It’s crucial that human resources lead the way in creating an environment where people can thrive

Top performers, working from home, the employee experience, and more.

The National consistently creates music that is dark, contemplative, and worthy of a rainy day. That’s not to say it’s “feel terrible about yourself music”.

Here are the pics that tangentially tell the tale of an incredibly lazy, do nothing (but I enjoyed it anyway), month of July.

Employee engagement, culture, expertise, and politics. No sweat.

Reducing commitment to the future is the first line of defense when that future is hard to understand, make sense of, or predict.