Last week my sister and I ventured up to New York City again to see our brother and friends. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip.


Harassment, politics at work, training, employee engagement and saying no gracefully.

The track “Wow” isn’t about New York City, but it sums up the entirety of my experience there. WOW.

Here are the pics that tangentially tell the tale of October 2017!

Ideas need the opportunity to bump into other ideas. They need to be coupled with similar and dissenting approaches to be improved and completed.

In my latest on Workology, I write about how to approach the work to be done between now and December 31.

We consistently miss the opportunity to empower our people. We consistently miss the opportunity to build more HUMAN organizations.

Bad habits, growing your network, onboarding, buying happiness and leadership development.

“I Ain’t The One” brings to bear the full-fledged sound that Spoon is known for, but it is slower and undeniably darker.

Here are the three pictures that somewhat tell the tale of my September.