The Story of The South TX HR Symposium, Through Twitter

Last Thursday and Friday, I had the pleasure of participating in my 5th Symposium (or is it my 6th? not sure). The South Texas HR Symposium (STXHRS) is the San Antonio HR Management Association’s (SAHRMA) annual conference, and it has become a Spring tradition in the San Antonio HR community.

Here’s a quick summary of a few key events, and as promised, the twitter feed for the conference! 

Ryan Estis

Ryan kicked off the Symposium with a thrilling keynote, where we learned about being an HR Rockstar, being engaged, and asking the RIGHT questions when we network. Hint: It’s not “where do you work?”!

Alice Dendinger

Alice really delivered in her mega session where we were provided tools and resources that will help us deliver greater I.O.B. (impact on business). She’s easily one of the best, most consistent speakers around!

Cleto Rodriguez

Cleto rocked the crowd at the end of day one, providing a healthy dose of edgy humor that isn’t often seen at HR conferences. He made sure that we didn’t go home taking ourselves too seriously, and that was a REALLY REALLY good thing!

Steve Gilliland

Steve made us laugh, cry (not me, I just had something in my eye), and really think about how we are approaching our lives. We learned that Making a Difference is a matter of purpose, passion and pride. And above all else, Enjoy the Ride!

There are however, many more stories to tell…

From the great concurrent sessions, to the end of conference party, I had more fun at this Symposium than any I can remember.

Spirits were high from beginning to end, even with some rough weather on day two. Everyone in attendance seemed to be enjoying themselves, and that included of course, lots of learning.

Today, I went back to work re-energized and ready to take on our toughest challenges, perhaps more than anything because of the enthusiasm and passion that everyone displayed for our profession.

This passion was best displayed by the volunteers who worked tirelessly to put together the conference, and who were all smiles throughout several 12+ hour days. They have this thing down to a science, and it was reflected in the way things ran smoothly from beginning to end.

Don’t just take my word for it; check out the story of the South Texas HR Symposium (as told through twitter) by clicking below!

View the story “#STXHRS” on Storify

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