10 Things to Watch and Read Before #SHRM13


Less than 7 days to go. It’s time to get serious!

If you’re like me, you’ve put off a lot of the planning and preparation for #SHRM13 until the last minute. As we enter the final days leading up to the conference, it’s important not to lose sight of how we can make the most of our experience.

Check out the following blogs and videos to make sure you’re on the right track…and then start packing!

blogging for jobs vip Get the VIP Treatment at #SHRM13 With Our Conference Party Guide | Jessica Miller – Merrell | Blogging 4 Jobs

“The last three years I have put together a SHRM Party List of events, mixers and cocktail receptions to help organize the active evening nightlife and networking that happens at SHRM. The response for the party guide has always been fantastic which is why I took things one step further.” Full article

#SHRM13: What To Know Before You Go

china gorman conference roi How to Maximize Your #SHRM13 Experience | China Gorman | Exploring Talent Management

“Once you’ve paid the conference registration fee, airfare, hotel, meals and other costs, you could be spending more than $3,000! So how do you ensure more than $3,000 worth of impact to your business to justify the expense?” Full article

#SHRM13 App Tutorial


       true faith hr Eight Things NOT To Do At #SHRM13 | Matt Stollak | True Faith HR

“I will be attending my 13th SHRM Annual Conference, and below I, instead, will provide you, based on my years of experience, the things you do NOT want to do while attending.” Full article

steve browne every day people Why Can’t We Be Friends? | Everyday People | Steve Browne

“The National HR Conference is always a great event.  It’s so cool to be surrounded by thousands of HR pros from literally all over the world. It will be great to see friends, but I’m also looking forward to meeting new folks.” Full article

we know next Maximizing Your #SHRM13 Experience | David Kovacovich | We Know Next

“Whether it’s your first SHRM conference experience or your 65th, maximizing your time is essential. So on behalf of the #SHRM13 social media team; allow me to be the first to welcome you to Chicago with a few friendly tips.” Full article

fear and loathing hr virtual cafe Fear and Loathing – Networking, Trade Shows and #SHRM13 | Chris Osborn | HR Virtual Cafe

“Here are few quick tips that might make the experience a little less intimidating for you, and help make networking at SHRM a little easier – no matter how you react to crowds.” Full article

hr ring leader The 10 Conference Commandments | Trish McFarlane | HR RingLeader

“I’ve been a speaker and attendee at more conferences than I can count.  One thing I’ve learned is that in order to get the most value out of your time and money is to set yourself up for success with a little pre-conference planning. Here are 10 ways you can boost your conference experiences as well as improve your networking.” Full article

chicago Top 10 Must Sees In Chicago During #SHRM13 | Jessica Miller-Merrell | Blogging 4 Jobs

“We’ve taken the stress out of planning and done all the work for you.  Sure, the conference is action packed, but you want to take advantage of all the city has to offer and enjoy the beautiful fall crisp air.” Full article 

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