Sad Songs For Better Moods: “Demons”

A study recently revealed that “sad music might actually evoke positive emotions”. Science Daily, who reported on the study, detailed the work conducted by Japanese researchers in their July article “Why Do We Enjoy Listening To Sad Music?

It turns out sadness in music and art can help us cope with negative emotions in real life. Who knew?

I’m a big believer in the power of music to lift spirits, help people cope, and inspire movements. If sad music helps us collect ourselves, put our thoughts together, unify people in struggle, or simply understand what others are going through then that’s a good thing. Right?

And with that, here’s one heck of a sad song…

Warning:  There is one “bad” word in this song. It happens. 

The National:

“Do my crying underwater. I can’t get down any farther.

All my drowning friends can see. Now there is no running from it.

It’s become the crux of me. I wish that I could rise above it.”


The National
Photo Credit: Thepeoplesuck at en.wikipedia

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