5 Posts to Read Before the Week Ends

SA Riverwalk

3 Ingredients for Learning Leadership Skills

Some Leadership Nosh

This post is simple and to the point, and that’s a really good thing. Leadership is a vast, perplexing topic that can drive the most dedicated reader to wit’s end trying to take it all in. I’m a fan of posts that break things down to a few manageable ideas because in all honesty, that’s all a lot of people have time (or the attention span) to take on. Want to be a better leader? Start with these three “ingredients”.

I’m Not HR Anymore (In My Head)

No Excuses HR

As a profession, I think we’re starting to pay more attention to the gap between progressive HR professionals and old school HR professionals. “Old school” in this case has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with how we approach our work. This post brings to light the place of an entrepreneurial spirit in our profession and the forces that resist it.

Quick Guide to Writing a Cover Letter

Acacia HR Solutions

Job search advice is everywhere, but really GOOD job search advice is hard to find. This post provides solid insight in to preparing a cover letter, often regarded as one of the toughest documents to prepare (aside from a resume). I think writing cover letters is just awkward, and when I get asked for advice from job seekers on how to prepare one, I often stumble. I’ll be using this post to help people out for some time to come!

A Reflection on Prejudice and Discrimination

Rivard Report

If you’re not from San Antonio you probably missed the hubbub over a non discrimination ordinance that included protections for veterans, gay, lesbian and trans gendered citizens. The ordinance passed last week, but other than what Elisa Chan and Sophia Young had to say, it didn’t really make headlines outside the city. That’s why I think this post is so important. It’s personal, it’s nuanced, and it shows the evolution of one person (and now, hopefully a city).

You Just Need One LinkedIn Profile. Yours

Cynical Girl

The title says it all. I’m lucky in the sense that I am only connected with a few people on LinkedIn that accidentally have two profiles (you know, forgot they already had an account and then created a new one). On LinkedIn especially, you are the sum of your entire professional experience. Your contacts should reflect that. This post makes the case for that, and also managing your social media presence in general. Give it a read!

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