Giving Is The Best Communication

I owe my career to people who took a chance on me when they didn’t have to, and my relationships with those people were born in a volunteer environment. 

Chat bubbles

A week or so ago I participated in a twitter chat (#JobHuntChat). The topic was volunteerism and how it can be helpful for job seekers.  I have volunteered in some capacity or another for as long as I can remember. My career is the product of the relationships I gained through volunteering.

Yet, I struggled in this particular chat to articulate just how important it is to volunteer.

To me, volunteering is about giving back first. You can’t go in expecting to “get” in return for what you “give”. Nonetheless, you can be certain that you are better for it. It just might take a long time to realize it.

Yesterday I came across a commercial that nailed it:

“Giving is the best communication”

Check it out…

On a fairly regular basis, I (along with many other HR pros) participate in an online twitter chat to assist job seekers. The chat is called #JobHuntChat, and is held every Monday evening at 9pm CST. If you are job seeker, or someone who can provide advice to job seekers I highly encourage you to stop by.

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