Close Out Your Week With These 5 Reads

reading on a ledge

We’re rounding the final turn on another work week, but before you go all out in a charge towards the weekend be SURE to give these posts a solid, and thoughtful read:

It’s Not Super Stressful Being At The Top – The Tim Sacket Project

“It’s common knowledge that leaders are very lonely and under super amounts of stress.  Well, at least that’s what we’ve been made to believe from 1950’s research!  There is new evidence out that has found it’s not all that bad being in a leader position.” Full post…

The ROI Game – Performance I Create

“Probably the most overused and perhaps overrated term in business is “ROI” better known as “return on investment”. The concept of ROI was built upon the premise that businesses could have an expectation of seeing gains and/or being made whole as a result of investing in a program, initiative, product etc.” Full post…

Revenge and Contracts

“I’ve been thinking a lot about contracts. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter what’s in them, because people do what they say they are going to do. So the contract could call for one party to eat bananas in a purple, sequined tutu and hiking boots, and no one would care.” Full post…

Congratulations – You’re Non-Essential

“Other than the people who are actually responsible for it, some federal employees are being forced to stay home as the US government goes into shutdown mode. It started yesterday and like organ failure, will ripple through the halls of federal buildings as government employees begin the process of taking that long awaited unplanned vacation.” Full post…

Get Real HR!!!

“As you start the work week, what’s the first thing you are thinking about?  Are you geeked up to go into the next challenge or opportunity? Or, instead, are you fretting about the inordinate amount of drama you have to wade through?  I’ll bet you’re putting on your waders right now!!” Full post…

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