Let’s Stop Being Heroes

HR: Let’s stop rescuing managers from themselves and start saving them from having to call us in the first place.

I get it. We’re busy, or at least we’re busy saying we’re busy. It makes sense that we take a pass on “prevention” for the sake of saving time now and then. What I don’t get, is why we’re addicted to being the hero.

Super Heroes Day

We have a long standing tradition of trying to establish credibility as a profession and as leaders within our organizations. It’s part of why we’re always talking about being strategic, getting a seat at the table, business acumen, and HR competencies.

It’s more than just HR conference fodder, it’s the way we see the world.

I like the counter argument, the one that says that we shouldn’t be so focused on rushing to the rescue in the wake of a personnel disaster (yeah, that’s right, personnel). I like the idea of preventing the disaster from happening in the first place.

I know, it’s easier said than done, and that’s the point. Isn’t it our most important work, our best work, to notice the problems that are emerging when they are still manageable? Isn’t that worth our best efforts?

It may mean that we make headlines in our organizations a little less often. It may mean less time wearing our capes and more time working behind the scenes to predict problems.

It’s all about choice, and it’s ours to make. Where is our time and effort best spent?

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