5 Reads You Should End Your Week With

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I love putting these posts together. Every three Thursdays I get to spend quality time sorting through the blogs that I read most often looking for  great posts to share. This deeper dive often leads me to uncover posts I may have missed, or to re-read ones that I liked when they first came out. I consider it time well spent.

And so, here are 5 posts you should check out before the week ends!

We Know Next

Mobile Recruiting 2.0. by Dave Zielinksi

“With the number of job seekers using smartphones and tablets growing daily, it’s little surprise that creating mobile-friendly career sites is a top priority for recruiting leaders.” Full Post…

HR Examiner

ReEngineering HR: Five Threads of Technology. By John Sumser

“The era of enterprise computing is coming to a close. Enterprise HR solutions from vendors like SuccessFactors, Sap, Taleo, Oracle, Kenexa, IBM and a host of others has completed its original mission: to automate and improve all of the business processes that constitute HR. This reality extends far beyond HR to the entire breadth of big iron computing.” Full Post…

The Girl in HR’s Blog

Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy, Meh. By Andrea Devers

“Gen Y Yuppies?!?!? Is there such a thing? According to Huffington Post there is.  Am I Lucy? How many of my friends and I are “Lucy” — and am I okay being a ‘yuppy?’”  Full Post…

Your HR Buddy!!! 

Why Your Competitor’s Top Performer Failed In Your Organization. By Nisha Raghavan

“Stealing your competitor’s star performer!! Ok!! I get it, I have done that before and chances are that some of you have as well. Most often HR is pressured by Managers into playing all sorts of dirty games to hire the top talent from the competitors.” Full Post…

The HR Capitalist

The 5 Biggest Lies in HR…(#5 – Work/Life Balance). By Kris Dunn

“That’s right. I’m here today not to give you the normal PR spin about how strategic the HR function can be, but instead to call B.S. on the biggest lies in HR. It’s not that HR people want to lie, it’s just that we’ve created our own prison: urban myths developed over last 20 years as the HR function has matured.” Full post…

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