A Walk Around the Writer’s Block

Writers Block. I have it.

Workplace 1

I’ve been mulling over a few ideas for blog posts for a few days but it’s time to face it – I’m stuck. The ideas that I do have need a lot of development (maybe more than fits the style of this blog).

As such, I thought this week’s post should be about some of these underdeveloped ideas. Who knows, maybe working through this process will help end my writer’s block.

 Generations in the Workplace as the Fast Food of Leadership

I’ve always thought that “Generations in the Workplace” material was a little flawed in the sense that it lumps large groups of people into broad categories. After I read a recent post on Blogging 4 Jobs, it really sunk in. I’m not saying that we should drop all things related to generations in the workplace. I am saying however, that much like fast food, a constant diet of it will eventually do us in.

It’s Not Personal, It’s Business Acumen

For as long as I can remember, workshops, blogs, conferences, have emphasized the need for HR professionals to have “business acumen”.  As a soon to be retired SHRM Chapter leader, I’ve been party to these very conversations and they are often met with a skepticism that is palpable. I often wonder why we (HR) resist expanding our knowledge base, and question even the idea of having to take on non-HR related topics.

 The High Potential Death Spiral

Here’s another topic that has had me thinking for some time now. I tend to be of the mind that high potential employees follow a cycle when it comes to their success or failure within an organization. The death spiral in this case refers to a series of organizational events that affect a high potential’s disposition, eventually even becoming self sustaining (the death spiral). How we react as leaders and organizations can make or break our high potential employees, but what and how do we do it?

And so there you have it, three ideas that need development. These may never see the light of day in terms of a dedicated post, but they might just be worth the time and effort to help break this case of writer’s block!


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