5 Reads You Should End Your Week With

Here are 5 posts you should check out before the week ends! Read them. Read them now!!!


Acacia HR Solutions

How to Improve Communication SkillsBy Sabrina Baker

“Everyone claims to be a good communicator. As a recruiter I see these words on a resume or hear them in an interview at least a few dozen times a week. When working with new leaders and asking them about their strengths it is always on the list.” Full Post…


Blogging 4 Jobs

A Future Focus: A Generation of Entrepreneurs.  By Mike Haberman

“A generation of entrepreneurs? Yes, in a short 11 years from now 75% of the workforce will be Millennials. So far only 7% of them have worked for a Fortune 500 company. They have had a tough time getting work and that experience has prepared them to entrepreneurs and you may have a hard time making them employees.” Full Post…


The Girl in HR’s Blog

How to Have a Blissfully Unproductive Weekend. By Andrea Devers

“Getting some much needed rest and relaxation is on my mind (again) — This is one of my struggles as I still can’t find the balance. However, I’ve learned a few times over my working career, and once again as recently as last week, that if you don’t take the time to slow down and rest, your body will do it for you.”  Full Post…


Cynical Girl

Hire a Veteran to be Your Next Recruiter. By Laurie Ruettiman

“There are three major problems plaguing modern-day recruiting. The myth of the passive candidate. Far too many people say, “If they want to work here, we don’t want them. Keep looking.” Full Post…


We Know Next

3 Ways to Create a Groundswell With Your EmployeesBy Emily Jasper

“When the Forrester Research on groundswells came out a few years ago, many in the social media business saw an opportunity to have real conversations about advocacy marketing. That conversation was limited to marketers, and only just now are we seeing the groundswell concept reaching talent management.” Full post…




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