Video: Take A Seat – Make A Friend

This week’s post is short on account of the Thanksgiving break.

Last week I posted a video by Dr. Mike Evans on managing stress. My hope was to provide a tool to manage stress in general, but especially during the holidays.

Later in the week another video kept popping up in my Facebook newsfeed. The video, below, is about getting to know people and it puts strangers in to a situation where they are forced to ask questions of one another.

It’s a great video, and it’s worth making the time to watch and share it.

When I watched the video I immediately remembered an old “team-building” activity I used as a supervisor in one of my first jobs. We would have opening and closing team meetings and we made it a point to conduct this activity fairly often.

The activity was simply to ask the team common interview questions. The answers often gave insight in to the personal experience and philosophies of the people on the team. It helped us understand each other better and ultimately, to trust each other more and perform better.

Our morning and evening meetings were essentially the ball pit in that video.

What can you do to bring the ‘ball pit’ to your office?

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