5 Reads You Should START Your Week With!


(Photo credit: giuseppesavo)

We’re barreling our way towards the Christmas break and the end of the year,  but there’s still plenty of work to do between now and then.

And so, here are 5 posts you should check out this week!


Remembering Mandela: His Three Timeless Workplace Lessons by Howard Mavity

“After 30 years of seeing the worst of the workplace, I have few heroes left. This week, I lost my JFK or MLK. I’ll remember where I was sitting when I learned that the lion who was Nelson Mandela, had roared his last. I choose to believe that’s how he went out. –as a lion of a man.” Full Post…

HR Ringleader 

Career Path – What Is Your Next Step. By Trish McFarlane

“I’m hearing from more and more people as they examine their career future.  I’ve heard from those that wonder if they should stay in their current position or current company.  I hear from those who have been part of a recent layoff and are now deciding whether to stick with their career choice or try something new.” Full Post…

HR Bartender

Simple Solution: Cost Effective Employer Branding – Ask HR Bartender. By Sharlyn Lauby

“I can’t say it enough – employer branding isn’t a buzzword or a trend. It’s something organizations need to consciously create and maintain. Which leads me to this reader question…’”  Full Post…

HR Examiner

Employer’s Guide to the Holidays. By Heather Bussing

“Here are my legal and practical suggestions for the holidays. Somebody had to say it.” Full Post…

No Excuses HR

Left for Dead. By Jay Kuhns

“If only the world of work was free from drama, false accusations, unnecessary stress, and energy being spent dealing with people intent on tearing others down in pursuit of their own agenda. When I think about the time I’ve spent addressing issues that were exclusively intended to be hurtful and were untrue, versus helping others achieve breakthrough performance, it makes me sad.” Full post…

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