Give Your SHRM Chapter President Some Love This Week


It’s the day after President’s Day, and you know what that means? It means that that mattress you’ve been eying is no longer on sale. You know what ELSE it means? It means your friendly local SHRM Chapter President is still hard at work on your behalf!

Of course I’m kidding about that mattress (it’s probably still on sale), and I absolutely mean no disrespect to the POTUS (past or present), but I think it’s a perfect time to give a little love to your SHRM Chapter President!

I was a SHRM Chapter President once, and it was without question one of the greatest professional experiences of my life. It was also hard work. I’m not complaining, it was work definitely work WORTH doing, but I think every former and current chapter president will admit, it’s still hard work.

So forgive me if yesterday my thoughts turned to the people currently leading the charge in our SHRM Chapters. These volunteer leaders are pouring their heart and soul in to their chapter, and they will do so for the remainder of their term without question.

Amazingly, they will likely do so without much fanfare. Some may even catch some flack at work or at home for the amount of time they are dedicating to the cause. But nonetheless, they remain committed!

So take a moment, and send your SHRM Chapter President an email, a text, or better yet, shake their hand the next time you see them and say THANKS.

If you’re in the San Antonio area, reach out to Barbara Jackson, the President of SAHRMA, and say THANKS for the work she’s doing, reach out to Rhonda Michel and say THANKS for the work she’s gearing up to do in 2015, and reach out to Jeff Freitag to say THANKS for the work he did in 2013.

If you’re not a member of your local SHRM Chapter that’s okay, you can still reach out to your chapter president (trust me, they won’t mind)! SHRM Chapters work to advance the HR profession as a whole, so we ALL benefit from their hard work! (Need a list of the chapters in your area? Click here)

It’s easy to do, and it will mean the world to the folks you contact!

So do it…DO IT NOW!!!


Photo credit: By Infrogmation of New Orleans, via Wikimedia Commons

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