Leading Volunteers: Do’s and Don’ts

I serve as a volunteer in the role of Technology Co-Chair for Texas SHRM. It’s one of the ways I work to advance our profession. Most of my work in this area involves putting Texas SHRM Chapter leaders in touch with resources, advice, and best practices through the use technology.

With this in mind, I regularly post on the Texas SHRM blog about key topics that affect the Texas SHRM volunteer leaders (and SHRM volunteer leaders everywhere). Here’s what we’ve got cooking on our blog this go around…

Amazing Texas SHRM Chapter Leaders. It's blurry because of all the AMAZINGNESS in the room!
Amazing Texas SHRM Chapter Leaders.
It’s blurry because of all the AMAZINGNESS in the room!

Leading Volunteers: Do’s and Don’ts

We’re always on the lookout for the best advice so that we share it with our Texas SHRM Chapters. This month, we’re focusing on “Do’s and Don’ts of Leading Volunteers”, and we need YOUR help!

We’re using List.ly like all the other cool kids to crowd source great advice so take a look at the list below and add your thoughts to the mix! Be sure to vote items already on the list UP or DOWN so that the best ideas rise to the top!

To contribute, all you need is an existing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ account!”

Also, be sure to check out the entire Texas SHRM Blog and website to learn about all the amazing things our SHRM Chapters are up to!

2 thoughts

  1. You are an excellent volunteer! I have served as a volunteer in many capacities, HRA-NCA (DCSHRM), PTA President, other boards.

    In addition to HR, the Volunteer Office also reports to me at work. I can not express the importance of thanking your volunteers. We hold annual volunteer receptions, give certificates for service, etc… Volunteers save our agency over $450,000 in salaries annually, we couldn’t operate without them.


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