5 Reads on Personal Effectiveness

This is the second of an ongoing series highlighting articles and posts on personal effectiveness.

Give these a read and put their recommendations in to practice for results that will help you personally and professionally. Also, be sure to check out ALL the posts featured thus far in this series on ScoopIt!


Ask Yourself What 3 Things You Need to Do Today by Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker

“We love to-do lists, tracking tasks, and keeping an eye on everything that needs to get done. But Jeff Atwood suggests a different approach: every day, ask yourself what three things need to get done, and ditch the other lists.”


7 Habits That Kill Your Productivity by David Nixon, Insider Monkey

“Personal productivity has become a highly sought after trait in this fast-paced society that revolves around performance and efficiency. But while for some people, working at full gear round the clock seems like a breeze, a vast majority of people still struggle keeping up.”


Confront These 10 Inconvenient Truths Today For A Better Life by Daniel Wallen, Lifehack

“Improving your body and life isn’t a quick, easy, or magical process. If you want success, you need to confront these ten inconvenient truths today.”


You Always Have Enough Time. An Edgy Conversation by Dan Waldschmidt, DanWaldschmidt.com

“You always have enough time to finish a little bit more of what you have started.You always have enough time to take a second look to check the details. You always have enough time to work a little bit.”


How To Succeed Professionally By Helping Others by Adam Grant, The Atlantic

“Research shows that even if the rewards aren’t immediately apparent, contributing to the success of others pays off in the long run.”



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