Think Small to Get Big Results


To get big results, think smaller, a LOT smaller.

Taken at face value, the last sentence doesn’t make sense. If you want big results, wouldn’t thinking BIGGER be the only logical option?

No way.

Let’s start with the premise that most of us – all of us – are swamped. At home and at work, heck, even the commute to work and back home, our lives are fraught with thousands of “things” that need to get done.

The “Cult of Busy” has claimed us all, and I’m here to tell you that the only way to get out of it is to do less. That’s right, think SMALLER.

Smaller isn’t necessarily “lesser”. It means employing the power of FOCUS.

Focus on a few key goals. Focus on a few key initiatives. Focus on a few key tasks.

Get them done, and you build momentum. That momentum turns in to very real capacity to take on other things. That’s when you add a few more key goals, initiatives, and tasks.

The resulting momentum is not unlike the “debt snowball” often referenced by Dave Ramsey, except in this case the snowball’s momentum gets used to build more and more capacity in to your day.

So stop the madness. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. The world needs fewer heroes anyway.

Take a deep breath and spend just 25 minutes figuring out what matters most. Emerge with a plan, and set out to execute it. Review the plan every time you hit a milestone and use the resulting momentum to move to the next initiative.

You’ll move faster, be able to think more clearly, and believe me, get a LOT more done.


Image Credit: By Wilfredor (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons


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