#SHRM14 Recap: Travel Day


The flight from San Antonio was great. I ran in to a former classmate of mine from my grad school days and we spent the entire flight catching up! (I knew she was coming to the conference, being on the same flight was a coincidence).

If there’s one thing I forget about the SHRM Annual Conference, it’s the volume of people involved! I know, 15,000 people is a lot no matter how you look at it, but until you’re in the airport and have to fight for a cab, then have to fight just to get checked in at your hotel because thousands of SHRM nerds have descended upon a city, it doesn’t really hit home.

Oh, and the weirdest sign that this conference is a big deal? My cab driver from airport to hotel spent the entire trip talking to me about the pros and cons of being in a “Right to Work State” like I was there to do something about it! Sorry buddy, I don’t do labor relations “to go”.

Thus far, Florida is amazing. I was last here in 2002 when my friends and I went to Disney World and a lot of it feels familiar. It’s odd how cities change, but stay the same. It seems like there is water everywhere – including the air – the humidity is crazy!

I ate dinner at the hotel and went to bed extremely early. Travel wears me out, or maybe it’s travel + dramamine that wears me out. Either way, I opted to rest up. The next few days will be positively exhausting!

One thought

  1. Glad you are here! Please tweet for TX SHRM whilst you are here. I’m sure you would anyway but I want to boss you around. See you soon.
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