Monday at #SHRM14


Monday at the SHRM Annual Conference is always huge. It’s the day when we settle in to our routines and start to get a feel for how the rest of the conference will play out.

Things got up and running early (and I mean EARLY) with Steve Browne‘s 7am session on “LeaderHRship!!! 5 Keys to Integrating HR Throughout Your Organization” and wrapped up late (and I mean LATE) with the SHRM Social Blast at the Hard Rock Cafe – featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff!

(I bet you never thought I’d be writing about DJ Jazzy Jeff, right?)

I attended some great sessions, in addition to Steve’s my favorite was on “Building a Culture of Innovation” with Joe Gerstandt and Jason Lauritsen of Talent Anarchy.

Some recurring themes thus far?
Authenticity – allowing your employees to be themselves at work.
Liberation – FREEing your employees to do what they do best.
Keep Learning – The future will be hard, REAL hard for people who don’t evolve their skills every step of the way.

I won’t lie. While I’m doing my best to write, there’s just no way I can sum up all that’s going on here. From the Leadership Lounge (where SHRM Volunteers can hang out) to the Exposition Hall, this conference is just amazing!

I’ll be writing more about key sessions in the coming days. Once the conference wraps it’s a whole lot easier to put things in to context.

More to come!

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