10 PEOPLE Every HR Nerd Should Follow on Twitter


I’ve never been a fan of creating lists like this, but it answers the question I hear more than any other at HR conferences when it comes to getting started on twitter:

“Who should I follow on twitter to stay current in HR?”

The question above (or some variation thereof) is actually incredibly difficult to answer. I mean, where do you start? There are TONS of great people in the HR twitterverse who freely share information, ideas and insight on a regular basis. How do you narrow it down without leaving a lot of great people (unintentionally) off the list?

That’s why I don’t like making lists like this!

Nonetheless, here is a list of 10 folks I think are an essential follow on twitter. Keep in mind, these are PEOPLE not brands. You’ll notice some of the big names in HR like SHRM and other major blogs are not listed. Not to worry, we’ll get to those twitter accounts later, but for now…

Here are 10 PEOPLE Every HR Nerd Should Follow on Twitter:

Of course, the people on this list are just the beginning! When you follow them, be sure to make note of the people and accounts that they retweet or quote on twitter – they are your best bet for continuing to expand your network on twitter!



Photo credit: By NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


2 thoughts

  1. I love all these peeps! Good recommendations — I’d also add Meghan Biro @MeghanMBiro, Mike Haberman @MikeHaberman Tiffany Kuehl @TiffanyKuehl and Matthew Stollak @akaBruno as some good ones to get started with if you’re new to twitter and looking for HR folks to follow


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