For the Loath of My Laptop


It was a rough day for my laptop.

Today (Sunday) is usually my “get caught up on stuff” day. On my list of to do’s were the typical chores of laundry, grocery shopping, squeezing in a workout, and a few key items that required the use of my aging laptop.

My laptop is old. I got it in 2007 (awwww, remember back when we had an economy?), and put it to some serious use during grad school. It’s been all over the place with me, it’s been dropped, repaired, and brought back to life on numerous occasions either through some nifty work on my end or the help of the folks at Mr. Notebook.

Today was different. I was downloading some financial data to Quicken – because that’s what I as a responsible adult do to manage my finances – when the laptop froze. “No biggie”, I thought, “this isn’t the first time this laptop has given me trouble. I’ll just wait this out and things should be fine”.

And so I waited…and waited….and waited.

This is also a good time to mention that my laptop tends to get a little worked up at times. When this happens, it overheats and then shuts itself down. This happens when I’m doing fairly normal tasks like writing in Microsoft Word, doing any kind of formulas in Excel, or participating in #TChat. I guess it gets itself in a tizzy and just sort of passes out. After a moment or two, I can fire the thing back up and we’re back in business.

Today my laptop passed out while it was frozen. It didn’t have an opportunity to “sort itself out” before it shut down. When I tried to start it back up – I got THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!

All my efforts to get my laptop up and running have thus far failed.

As I tweeted,

It looks like I’ll be visiting my friends at Mr. Notebook again tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some of the things that are stuck in limbo…

  • Financials – Like I said, I was trying to be proactive and update my financial goals. Too bad those goals didn’t include purchasing a new laptop.
  • Run Data – I’m training for a half marathon. I upload all my runs from my Garmin to Garmin Connect for myself, which syncs with my Fitbit (which syncs with MyFitnessPal which is an essential part of of my nutrition plan), and then to Training Peaks for my coach to review. (I’m a bit of a nerd when I run)
  • Better Blog Posts – Ummm. I’m using the WordPress App isn’t all that and a bag of potato chips. It’s hard to write on and even harder to put media in to posts in a way that isn’t spectacularly clunky.
    • By the Way: I had originally planned to write about MaximusLife, a cool new approach to integrating the “whole person” in to performance goals at work, but I can’t begin to do so through the WordPress mobile app! In the meantime, check out their page on Indigogo!

Hopefully I’ll be back on track in the next few days and can get back to work!

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