MaximusLife and the Work-Life Balance Advantage


Work-life balance – it’s one of our all-time buzzwords. We want it, but never seem to get it. Is it possible that our efforts to keep work and life separate are part of the problem and not part of the solution?

For many of us, work-life balance means doing everything possible to prevent a conflict between the two; work should never get in the way of life, and vice-versa. The problem is that it’s easy to take this too far – creating the kinds of imbalance we originally sought out to prevent.

What’s missing are a set of tools to help us be at our best at work that also integrates ways for us to be at our best outside of work. Work-life balance should be about focusing on the whole person, not just the one that gets paid to work or the one that lives life to its fullest outside of it.

Fortunately, there are people working on just such a thing.

RevolutionHR and MaximusLife:

A few weeks back I had the good fortune of speaking with Lucy Burrows of RevolutionHR. We “met” during #JobHuntChat and talked a few days later about some of the things they’re working on, chiefly a project called MaximusLife.

MaximusLife is interesting because 1) its crowd funded, and 2) it expands the performance management technology suite to include personal well being. That’s right, it brings career wellness together with personal wellness.

Here’s a quote from their fundraising site:

“MaximusLife combines visual life, wellness & corporate goals with the first ever Digital Timeline that empowers you to build a showcase of greatness. Start your quest, sync to life & work and build your digital timeline everywhere you go! You can even watch the fun unfold on the leaderboards!

Maximus (derived from the Latin word for Greatest) takes the goals we are all aiming at in life and work and makes them visual and easily trackable and syncs with your everyday to build a digital timeline that follows us the rest of our life & career.

Everything else is on yesterday’s technology. What if tackling your goals in life & work were this fun, this visual and this rewarding?

Come to think of it, shouldn’t this be what we expect from work-life balance? If our work strives to include personal well being as part of its performance measures through gamification, then aren’t we more inclined to be at our best? Isn’t “the best” what organizations want from their employees?

I can’t possibly do MaximusLife justice in this blog. So to learn more about just how they plan to go about revolutionizing the way we improve performance, check out their site on IndieGoGo or watch the video below.



With products like MaximusLife in development, and organization’s like RevolutionHR already declaring that “Performance Appraisals are dead”, it’s just a matter of time before we see very real effects in our workplace. It’s helpful to keep in mind that the lifetime contract between employers and employees no longer exist – you’re best people are no more than a few clicks away from that next great opportunity!

In the end, keeping your best people around might just come down to the very thing we have such a hard time attaining: work-life balance. Employers who can find ways to demonstrate that they are not only interested in the well being of their employees during business hours, but want what’s best for them as a whole (and are willing to measure it and integrate it in to overall performance measures) stand a fighting chance in retaining and attracting top talent.


Image credit: By Winky from Oxford, UK (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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