Running Music: Mind Over Matter by Young The Giant

Somewhere along the way I mentioned that I’m training for a half marathon again.

That being said, have I mentioned how unbelievably hot it is outside lately? It’s taking some serious willpower to keep working out in these temperatures. I’ve even taken to doing half of my workouts and runs indoors to escape the ferocity of the heat!

Naturally I expect some serious (and potentially dangerous) temperatures this time of year, but something about the last few weeks is just getting to me. Maybe I’m just getting older and my body is less able to cope with the heat, or maybe I’m just not as fit as I used to be. Maybe it’s both! Yikes.

Whatever it is, I’m just not bouncing back the way I used to. In addition to some crafty heat avoidance techniques, the prospect of the daily high temperature dropping to a chilly 96 or 97 degrees in a few weeks is helping me stay sane. (I CAN’T WAIT!!!)

Music of course, helps. This summer, there’s one song playing far more than any other on my iPhone. Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with running, but it sure helps me get in to the right mindset when it comes to facing another rough afternoon in the Texas heat.

The song? “Mind Over Matter”, by Young the Giant.

Mind over matter. That’s what it’s taking  to hydrate, work out, sweat like crazy, feebly attempt to re hydrate, take a cold shower, wait for hours for my body to cool down, sleep uncomfortably, somehow wake up on time for work, and then bounce back to do it all over again 5 days a week.

Mind over matter. That’s what it takes to not turn one rest day in to two, three, four… It’s what it takes not to follow up every run with a trip to Whataburger where I order my standard #1 with cheese, no onions, sweet tea and a side of shame!

The bottom line? Mind has to win over matter every single day so I can stay focused and rock my next half marathon.


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  1. I’m currently living in Seville, we have northern African summer. Disgustingly hot, I have serious issues dealing with the heat, gotta wake up extra early to get the workout done before the soles of my shoes melt on the pavement (a bit exaggerated lol).
    I like that song!

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