A Quick Update and a Video on Single-Tasking

Tamme-Lauri tamm suvepäeval.jpg

It’s been a while since I’ve written. In fact, this post marks the first time I’ve written recreationally (because that’s what this blog tends to be) in almost 3 weeks!

I don’t have some remarkable reason for it. If I remember correctly, I think I skipped my normal Monday post on Labor Day because it was Labor Day and I didn’t want to labor to come up with a topic to write on. Along the way came the start of college football, where I am a season ticket holder for the University of Texas at San Antonio and just like that, I lost an entire week!

As for the last two weeks, let’s just say that they were spent in Q2. I went to the Texas SHRM Global Conference in Houston for the very first time, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I made new friends while there, and had the opportunity to meet up with an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in almost 5 years!

When I got back to San Antonio my brother had arrived in town for a visit, and we spent the remainder of the weekend catching up, exploring parts of our home town and surrounding areas, and making plans for next month when my sister and I go up to NYC to visit him. It’s going to be Escobartacular!

THAT SAME WEEKEND, my aunt and uncle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows and throwing one heck of a party. I got to see family that for whatever reason, I hadn’t seen in 10 or more years. It was amazing. Just amazing.

Lost in all this awesomeness was my running and nutrition. I got caught up in the moment and didn’t run for about 2 weeks. I also ate practically everything that was put in front of me. If you follow me on Swarm or Twitter you know that I ate FANTASTICALLY, but that it has affected my fitness negatively. I’m back on track now, and yes, I’m paying a heavy price for it.

I think that’s it for now. I don’t want to pull a blogging muscle by taking on too much all at once.

Next week I’ll be back to my normal schedule with my posts, including a RARE update about work!

In the meantime, check out this completely unrelated video on how single-tasking is the new multi-tasking. Why? Because you’re multi-tasking right now. I can tell!



Image Credit: “Tamme-Lauri tamm suvepäeval” by Abrget47j – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 



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