Video: The Spurs and HEB, Opa!

This week’s video is the combined work of the San Antonio Spurs and the greatest grocery store in America, H-E-B.

But before you skip to the video, I think it’s important to remind you that San Antonio has a special relationship with the Spurs.

Around here we say “In Pop we trust” anytime the team makes a questionable move as a way of reminding ourselves that our doubts have almost always been answered with championships. We have a genius, albeit surly head coach who gives mid game interviews like this. We have Spurs murals throughout the city, and a gallery just opened an exhibit displaying Spurs art.

We even have Spurs Jesus.

So each year when the Spurs and HEB get together to create another round of commercials, we lose our collective minds! You see, these commercials are part of the tradition of being a Spurs fan. I’m not making this up. ESPN did a write up on the history of these commercials so it has to be true!

Now let’s sell some yogurt, opa!

Oh, and “Pounding the Rock” says this batch is the best yet. Read more about them here.

Go Spurs Go.

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