My Little Blog’s Most Read Posts of 2014

Sao Paulo Railway.jpg

In 2014 I shared 64 posts. Some were well thought out, well written, and thought provoking. MOST were off the cuff observations, random, or links to videos and music. Hey, it’s my blog and I get to do what I want.

I wasn’t sure about doing this, but WordPress makes it incredibly easy to sort reader stats, I’m STILL on holiday break, and it’s just that time of year where everyone is posting a top 10 list of some form or another!

So here we go. Here are the 10 most read posts I cranked out in 2014:

#10) Things I Think About on Long Runs

Sometimes when I’m hurting for a topic, I sit down and write from the soul. Just kidding, I have no soul. I do however, tend to write exactly what is on my mind when I’m stuck. This post is the result of such an endeavor. It’s random enough to include “poop”, and still got read enough to make this list. Blogging confuses me sometimes.

#9) 10 PEOPLE Every HR Nerd Should Follow

Posts like these drive me a little crazy. When I’m putting these together I feel like I’m writing/sharing “clickbait”, but then again, sometimes I feel like it’s necessary to share this info because it’s one of the questions I get asked most often when I go to HR association events: “who should I follow, read, etc. to stay current???” Meh.

#8) A Cornucopia of Current Events and Workforce Topics

This post was a quick way to get back to blogging after a long unintended break. Again, I sat down and just wrote what was on my mind and for whatever reason it got read enough to make this list. In this post I reference Ebola, our unbearable elections, commercial space flight’s terrible week, and how there are people who are still surprised by the notion of a “free agency workforce”.

#7) Think Small to Get Big Results

You’re trying to do too much at one time. Slow down, focus and get your act together so you can be productive. That’s the message of this post, and maybe I’m reading too much in to it, but apparently people need to hear it because what I otherwise would have considered a lackluster post made it on this “most read” list somehow!

#6) 12 Reasons Your Meetings Don’t Go as Planned

There’s a high level of snark in this post. It’s possible that it was motivated by attending a series of terribly ineffective meetings in the week leading up to publication. It’s also possible that this post made this list because people everywhere – even the small fraction of humanity that stumble upon this blog – HATE ineffective meetings!

#5) 13 Lessons from 13 Sessions at SHRM 14

I went to the SHRM Annual Conference in Orlando in June. If you want to know what the earth will feel like when we finally lock in all of the sun’s heat due to our prolific pollution go to Orlando in summer. If you want to know the key takeaway (or two) from each session I attended at the SHRM Annual Conference, then read this post.

#4) Today Was a Good Day: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

In November we spent some quality time at work getting in to the holiday spirit. We threw on some holiday music and decorated the office while having hot chocolate and generally having a great time. It was one of those rare “and all was right with the world” moments, and it was awesome.

#3) A Return to Running: The San Antonio Rock and Roll Half Marathon

In early December I ran my first half marathon in ages. It was a rough day, but it was still a GREAT experience. I only say “rough” because I completely mismanaged the race, but that’s what happens when you’ve been away for so long that you have to start from scratch! Anyway, this post is the tale of my race and it includes the good, the bad, and my tendency to overthink things!

#2) 3 Great Ways to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Presence

Your LinkedIn profile probably sucks – at least that’s what practically every blog post on the subject would have you think. Odds are, your profile (like mine) is manageable and probably only needs a few tweaks. This post is all about those tweaks, and provides references to great resources for maximizing your LinkedIn profile!

#1) Video: The Beautiful Game – A Spurs Tribute

My most read post for 2014 was 5 sentences long, included a video that I didn’t create, took 10 minutes to put together and referenced an event I had no connection to (other than watching it on TV). I shared the link to this post on my social media accounts, but it got the MOST attention on LinkedIn of all places. The Spurs are a big deal here in San Antonio, and I’m as big a fan as anyone. I get it – but it’s just a video!

Welp, that’s a wrap for 2014!

Thanks for reading my little blog and all that good stuff. See you in 2015!


Image Credit: “Sao Paulo Railway” by Silvio Tanaka – originally posted to Flickr as Sao Paulo Railway. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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