Pics From a Warm Sunny Winter Day in San Anto

I work in an old office building just a few blocks from downtown; this includes a trendy area called Southtown and one of San Antonio’s oldest neighborhoods, The King William District.

I’m not complaining, rather, I’m illustrating that there exists incredible incentive to get some fresh air by walking around the block from time to time.
Sometimes I pause and take pictures along the way, and sometimes they turn out okay.
Here are a few from yesterday:
Yesterday morning I got out for a bit and came across this on the way back to the office. The above is what winter looks like in the King William district. Most of the trees are bare, but the grass is green, and it’s sunny and warm. It felt more like Spring, but we’re just a few days removed from cold, rainy and depressing weather.


Later yesterday, two colleagues and I marched downtown to grab lunch and eat in  San Antonio’s Main Plaza. We were lucky enough to snag a seat right in front of San Fernando Cathedral. We talked about nerd things, like apps and work processes while we ate Greek food. The weather was amazing.

And here’s a shot of Main Plaza from a previous outing…


It’s hard to know what to expect from San Antonio winters. But sometimes, it works out just right.

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