Better Sleep. PLEASE!

cant sleep

You know, I had planned to write something about work or HR, or pretty much anything that could be applied in the office.

I also thought that I might write about the Infographics Workshop I attended on Monday (which, by the way, was awesome).

I EVEN thought that I could tell quite the story of all the physical assessments I’ve been taking at my gym the last week or so. They have been chock full of awkward moments and incredible insights that I think would be worth sharing at some point.

Grand plans I had, indeed.

But you know what happened last night? I got about 4 hours of sleep. Honestly, I probably slept less than that; I stopped looking at the clock after a while!

I know BOO HOO. “You’re single without kids!”, they say, “You have it easy!” they say! Well let me tell you, 4 hours of sleep for whatever reason is still 4 hours less than we’re supposed to have and frankly, it messed with me all day!

The day started off well. I even got to work earlier than normal and got quite a bit done before my first colleagues strolled into the office. I went for a walk around the campus that we are temporarily housed at. I felt great!

Then it set in.

I found myself rethinking the same things over again over again (< — see what I did there???). I noticed that I was staring at my PC, trying to come up with words to explain what needed explaining, or to ask what needed to be asked in emails that I started and never finished.

The day ended. I went to the gym and put myself through yet another spectacularly uncomfortable assessment at the gym. This time, one of the trainers who originally signed me up had given me a complimentary session with him. I lifted on command, I balanced on command, I wiggled on command, and I struggled on command, all in full view of my gym colleagues who were sane enough to know not to voluntarily seek out this kind of punishment.

I went home. I opened my laptop to write a blog post as scheduled, and…well…I’ve got nothing.

I’m tired.

So to prevent you from having the same experience that I had, here is a video on getting a good night’s sleep. It won’t keep you from writing a poorly crafted blog post, from having a rough day at the office, or from being fairly miserable at the gym, but it may just help you rest. And that’s not half bad:

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