Performance Improvement Powered by Pancakes


On Thursday I am going to San Antonio ATD’s Monthly Learning Meeting on “Using the Gilbert Behavioral Engineering Model in Human Performance Improvement”.

This is the kind of stuff I wake up early for – I mean that literally. The event starts at 7:30am at the Magnolia Pancake Haus, where I fully intend to partake in as many pancakes as humanly possible.

This will be my first visit to the Magnolia Pancake Haus, AND it will also be my first time at an ATD event of any kind. The latter is significant because, believe it or not, I am still settling into my new role on the Org. Learning team at work.

The Org. Learning team has been performing at a high level since long before I came along. Because of this, I’m always looking for ways to contribute my strengths to the team in a way that keeps that going. Over the last 6 months, I’ve been gradually shifting the type of work I do to accomplish this, and I think this topic represents an area where I have a significant opportunity to contribute.

The presenter, Mark Philips, Ph.D was my professor in several classes in the MBA program at UTSA, including my capstone. I thoroughly enjoyed his classes; I even took one that started at 7am on a Saturday – yikes! If my experience in his classes is any indication of what to expect on Thursday, we should be in for an informative and useful session!

In addition to reconnecting with Dr. Philips, I’m looking forward to dusting off subject matter that I haven’t worked with since graduate school. The result, aside from filling my belly with pancakes, should be an improved approach to discovering the learning needs of our workforce, and delivering programs to address those needs.

And that my friends, will be “work well spent”, and well worth waking up early for.


Image credit: “Blueberry pancakes (1)” byjeffreyw – mmm… pancakes Uploaded by Fæ. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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