Monday Reads: Finances, Performance, Profile Pics, Frustration and Layoffs


It’s Monday! Here are some great reads I’ve come upon over the last few weeks. Take a moment to check them out!

5 Monday Actions That Will Immediately Improve Your Finances

Kevin Daum. Inc.

I owed money this year when I filed my taxes, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, when I hit the submit button on TurboTax I learned that someone had already attempted to file a return using my personal information! I’ll spare you the drama, but I will say that money has been on my mind more than it normally is this last week so this article stood out. It’s more business oriented than personal, but the principles still work.

Key quote: “Regardless of your tax situation, the net balance in your accounts is a direct result of your own behavior and your own daily choices.”

If You Pit A Good Performer Against a Bad System, The System Will Win Almost Every Time. – Rummler and Brache

Russ Powell. Peregrine Performance Group.

Last week I wrote about going to a breakfast workshop on the Gilbert Performance Engineering Model. Contrary to my post, I didn’t go crazy eating pancakes. Instead I consumed a healthy dose of performance improvement models and methods. It was great, and later in the week I sent this article to my coworkers as a summary of what we experienced.

Key quote: “And behind every request for a training program is typically a larger human performance issue.”

The Research & Science Behind Finding Your Best Profile Picture

Kevan Lee. Buffer Social.

There are some bad profile pictures out there. I’m not saying mine is great, but it certainly isn’t like some of the bad bad bad ones I see floating around LinkedIn these days! If you think I’m talking about you, I’m probably not. I’m talking about the profile pictures that are so bad that the person in them is blissfully unaware of the terrible first impressions they are making!

Key quote: “In 40 milliseconds, we’re able to draw conclusions about people based on a photo.”

The Secret to Never Being Frustrated Again

Erik Barker. Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

Frustration happens. And, spoiler alert, even after you read this post you’ll still come upon moments when you frustrated. The thing is, it doesn’t have to ruin your day. Focusing on what we can control (mostly, our reactions to situations) and letting go of the things we can’t control is key to getting this down pat.

Key quote: “Traffic happens. But you think it shouldn’t happen to you. And the thing that’s making you miserable is that word “should.”

Science Agrees: Being Laid Off is Terrible

Bourree Lam. The Atlantic.

In January 2009, 816,000 jobs were lost. My job was one of them. It was the old “last in, first out” routine and I knew it was coming. Rumors about layoffs had been circulating for weeks (how do those start by the way???). I remember it distinctly. It was the first day of my last semester in graduate school, and when I went to class that night and we were introducing ourselves I was the only one who didn’t mention where I worked. No one noticed. It was a weird day.

Key quote: “When people are laid off there is a sense of powerlessness about the situation, that it is out of their control, and that it is inherently unjust,” says Laurence.


Image credit: “Öxarárfoss, Parque Nacional de Þingvellir, Suðurland, Islandia, 2014-08-16, DD 029” by Diego Delso. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons 


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