Spur Some Change


Change is coming.

On Saturday, I watched the Spurs get eliminated from the playoffs. It stung a bit, but to be completely honest, I’m okay with it. The Spurs have had a good run, and we as fans have had the unbelievable luck of rooting for a team that has won 5 championships in the last 16 years and has been in the mix for almost two decades.

There’s no reason to think that next year things will be terrible. However, there is a sense of apprehension in the air this time around. We are on the verge of a change; there’s a chance that some of the foundational players and supporting cast may be on their way out, or have their roles modified dramatically. And that’s okay.

To keep competing at a high level, something has to change. I’m not talking about reactionary moves. There isn’t a need to knee-jerk into drastic measures; it’s not like the team stunk last year.

No, change needs to happen so that the team can continue to evolve forward. It’s hard, yes. The team may even take a few steps back in coming years, but the result will be a better shot at long-term success.

If there’s anything Spurs fans should have faith in, it’s in the organization’s ability to evolve to stay highly competitive. It has done so for ages, and there is no reason to think it will stop now.

This is a lesson that we can take to heart in our lives and our careers.

If we stay the same, the world around us continues to evolve, and we find it harder and harder to respond without being reactive. If we don’t continuously change, our ability to compete is diminished, our capacity to rise to the occasion suffers, and our performance leaves something to be desired.

Every day we face the same choice that the Spurs face at the end of this season. We can choose to change so that we can proactively lead whatever is coming next, or we can choose to wait until it becomes painfully obvious that a change MUST be made.

I hope we always choose to change so that we can adapt to our environment, so we can continuously improve the way we relate to other people, and so that we can play an active role in whatever the future holds for us.

Change is hard, change is inevitable and change is good.


Image credit: “Los Angeles Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs” by Katie Haugland – Flickr: Los Angeles Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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