Travel Day Recap: #SHRM15



For the second year in a row I ran in to some HR buddies while waiting to board my flight, and we got to sit next to each other and catch up. It’s funny how immediate the networking is at #SHRM15. In this case, we hadn’t even boarded the plane and were already talking shop and getting caught up on everything going on in our lives.

My cab driver from the airport was from San Antonio, so we talked San Antonio Spurs the whole way over. He also mentioned that his ex wife (whom he is apparently on great terms with) has a Thai restaurant in San Antonio, and that I should check it out.  Can’t make this stuff up.


We decided that we would meet later for dinner, after getting checked in and picking up conference badges, etc. This of course, led us to an incredible misadventure where we simply could’t find each other in the maze of the Venetian/Pallazo. We eventually ended up at Yard Bird where we, but mostly I, ate like I hadn’t eaten since 7am that morning!

Post Dinner:

After dinner my HR buddies went back to their part of town (near the convention center) to get ready for the start of the conference, and I went back to my room to take a quick nap. The nap, however, turned into a 2 hour time warp! Some of the best naps of my life have happened in Las Vegas, and usually on my first afternoon in town. Like I said last year, travel wears me out – I guess the desert heat makes it even more so!

Post Nap:

By the time I woke up I realized I had missed pretty much everything going on unoficially in the #SHRM15 world. It was almost 10pm, and I decided I would get up and make the most of at least the next few hours. I wandered the casino a bit, too risk averse to jump into any $15 a hand games of chance. I found a $5 virtual blackjack game, and played that for about 40 minutes, eventually losing the $20 I originally put in. Then I wandered around the Las Vegas Strip. It was still 103 degrees outside. Yep, you read that correctly.

The Heat:

The forecasted highs for the week are Sunday: 108, Monday: 108, Tuesday: 110, Wednesday: 112, and Thursday: 109. It’s just unbelievably hot! Even last night, hours after sunset, the heat just sucked the energy out of me. I’ve experienced hot days before, but not like this. The air feels like the air that rushes in your face when you open the oven, or when you open the dryer. It’s crazy, and will play a role in everything that happens the rest of this week.


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