Post #SHRM15, RESIST Your Comfort Zone!


The SHRM Annual Conference (SHRM15) ended two days ago, I’ve been home for less than 24 hours, and I can hear the siren call of my comfort zone.

As soon as I landed in San Antonio it started, as I imagine the call to return to your comfort zone began when you got home. But after spending four days operating almost exclusively outside of our comfort zones in Las Vegas, it’s important to do everything we can to resist the call to equilibrium!

If you’re anything like me, you spent a lot of SHRM15 in great, GREAT sessions nodding in agreement. You went to sessions that challenged your way of thinking, you went to sessions that affirmed things you were beginning to doubt, and you met people who shared that exact experience.

If you’re anything like me, you had an epic SHRM15.

It’s hard to put that into words, and in many ways I don’t want to. If my friends and coworkers ask what was so amazing about the conference, I will have a hard time explaining it.

I don’t want to quantify SHRM15, I want to keep living it.

And now that I’ve had a long plane ride and the greatest nap in America to think about it, I believe the only way to do so is to keep living outside of our comfort zones.

I know its common sense, but it clearly isn’t common practice. If it were, we wouldn’t need to go to an annual conference to realize it!

The world around us begs us to return to our routines. It calls us to “the easy way out”, it rewards laying low in lieu of making waves, but it is a false promise. To live the lessons we learned and honor the friendships we made at SHRM15, we have to do more.

We don’t have to walk into the office on Monday morning with a plan to change the world. That would be an amazing story to tell, but in all likelihood would be quite ineffective. We simply have to find a ways, perhaps no more than 2-3 ways, to challenge ourselves on a consistent basis.

  • Do you go to conferences, meet people and then never follow up? Now is the time to build on those connections!
  • Do you go to sessions, take notes and then never revisit them? Now is the time to draw out the key points and share them with the people you mentor!
  • Do you make a list of books, links and resources to purchase but tend to forget to do so? NOW is the time to not only review them but to SHARE them!

What I am challenging you to do, and by default challenging myself to do, is to stay uncomfortable. That’s when we grow. That’s when we learn.

The comfort zone is calling. It is persistent. It will not relent.

Post SHRM15, it is our duty to resist it.

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