5 HR Reads: Experience, Honesty, Weed Out the Weak, and More

1200px-Sequoia_sempervirens_Big_Basin_Redwoods_State_Park_4 CroppedHappy Monday! Start the week off right with a few good reads from these amazing HR bloggers!

It’s Not the Brand – It’s the Experience

By Robin SchoolingRobinSchooling.com

Key quote: “But the depth and breadth of the employee experience includes environment and supervisors and coworkers. It includes the fact that passive-aggressive employees have been allowed to create internal fiefdoms and exert ridiculous control.” Read the rest here.

New OT Rules

By Laurie Ruettimann. LaurieRuettimann.com

Key quote: “God-forbid someone who isn’t a janitor “punch a clock,” as if logging onto your computer workstation every morning isn’t the same darn thing.” Read the rest here.


By Christopher DemersChristopher in HR

Key quote: “We learn soon enough that unbridled honesty is too much candor in a world filled with camouflage. We hear things like, you’re too direct, lack tact, are abrasive, demanding, et al.” Read the rest here.

Weed Out the Weak

By Jay KuhnsNo Excuses HR

Key quote: “While you’re complaining about that employee who needs to go instead of doing something about it, all of your other employees as well as your colleagues are watching you.” Read the rest here.

Evolve, Advance, Thrive

By Tiffany Kuehl. Performance I Create

Key quote: “You and I, and many of those who came before us, have contributed to the transformation of our industry with hard work and through the use of the many resources generated through the Society for Human Resource Management.” Read the rest here.


Image credit: "Sequoia sempervirens Big Basin Redwoods State Park 4" by Allie_Caulfield from Germany - 2012-02-04 02-05 Capitola, Big Basin 122 Redwoods State Park. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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