5 Reads: Build an Online Presence, Food Comas, Narcissistic Leaders and More

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Happy Monday! Here are 5 great reads on preventing burnout, disruptive technology trends, building your online presence, food comas, and narcissistic leaders. Enjoy!

How to Set High Goals Without Burning Out, According to Science

By Stephanie PappasLive Science

Key quote: “Perfectionism is a common trait, Hill said — one study found that fewer than 10 percent of people say they’re not perfectionists in any area of life. In other words, perfectionism isn’t just the territory of the elite.” Read the rest here.

6 Steps to Building A Solid Online Presence

By Hannah MorganUndercover Recruiter

Key quote: “A word of warning. If you invest all your time and energy mastering only one social network, what happens when traffic plummets, it becomes accessible only through paid membership, or the service is acquired and goes away altogether?” Read the rest here.

The 12 Disruptive Tech Trends You Need to Know

By Anne VanderMeyFortune

Key quote: “Coming soon: materials that are self-healing, self-cleaning, and that remember their original shape even if they’re bent.” Read the rest here.

When You Slip Into a Food Coma, Your Body is Telling You Something Important

By Julia BelluzVox

Key quote: “Much of what we eat is infused with artificial flavors divorced from their actual nutritional value. Provenza thinks this has hijacked the body’s ability to know what it needs and how to get it.” Read the rest here.

Leaders: We Love Humble Leaders But Idolize Narcissists

By Ray WilliamsPsychology Today

Key quote: “He contends that bosses who exhibits narcissistic traits like dominance, self-confidence, a sense of entitlement, grandiosity and low empathy, tend to make more money than their less self-centered counterparts, even if the lower-paid CEOs exhibit plenty of confidence.” Read the rest here.


Image credit: "STD Depth Coded Stack Phallodin Stained Actin Filaments" by Howard Vindin - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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