Video: Science of Marathon Running

I ran a marathon once.

If you’ve ever been around when I’ve tried to describe the experience you know that there is a sense of mystery about the event that I just can’t get past.

How in the world do people do this regularly? How in the world did I manage to stumble my way through it once? Could I do it again if I had to???

When I watched this video I found myself nodding a lot. I kept thinking “yes, I experienced that!”, and “oh, that explains it”. I also found myself recounting the misery involved in the marathon. A marathon is no joke. There is a lot of suffering involved!

“That was the most fun I never want to have again!”Joe Hanson, Science of Marathon Running

The larger lesson in this video is that we are built to run. The science validates the gut feeling a lot of runners have about running. Something about it just feels right – even when it’s miserable.

That’s why I’ll never say that “I’ll never run another marathon”. But as of now, I certainly will say that I won’t be running one anytime soon.


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