Keeping the Streak Alive


This is a post about the post I am supposed to write.

If you read the first sentence and immediately guessed that I have the worst case of writer’s block in Texas, you are absolutely correct.

For whatever reason, I haven’t quite been myself this week. I haven’t slept well since last Friday, my appetite has been “off” all week, and, as a result, I haven’t been running, and I haven’t had one ounce of inspiration for writing on this blog.

But the system demands to be fed.

You see, somewhere along the way I decided that posting on this blog once a week simply wasn’t enough. I decided that I had a lot to say, that there was a lot of good content to share, and cool videos that were worth posting. At the same time, I decided that posting every single day was too much. The result? A plan to post every three days.

And I have done so with mixed results.

For a while, I kept to the schedule, and then I missed a few days here and there, but I got back on track. Then, on April 29, 2015, it all came together. I began posting at least every three days and haven’t stopped since.

It is a streak that is unprecedented on this tiny little blog of mine. As of today, it has spanned 155 days, and 51 posts. It’s a streak that has generated it’s very own, one of a kind pressure to deliver. Pressure creates stress and stress leads to writer’s block. This was never supposed to be stressful!!!

And so today, in the middle of a week in which I can’t seem to get into a routine, I’m writing about the post I was supposed to write to keep the streak alive. It’s meta, and I’m not sure I understand what meta means.

Oh, and in case you’re keeping score at home, this makes 52 posts in a row.


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