NYC15, Day 2: See Forever

On Friday we started the day by visiting the observation deck at One World Trade Center. It was, and words don’t do it justice, amazing. I took a LOT of pictures, but below is one of my favorites. It’s a shot of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge with just a bit of sun on it, and downtown Brooklyn.  And the southern tip of Manhattan, with Brooklyn in the upper left, the Statue of Liberty and Statten Island upper right. Later, we moseyed up to China Town for lunch at Joe’s Shanghai. It was a full throttle experience of incredibly fast service, huge portions and elbow to elbow seating. It was great, even though we’re pretty sure the folks who shared the table with us were judging our chopstick prowess. 

We then spent some time wandering China Town where there are shops like this selling everything you can imagine. It was difficult to not to wander into every single one just to see what each had inside. Oh, and there was this awesome mural adjacent to China Town in Little Italy:  We eventually ended up at The Met, which is so jam packed wth art and antiquity it would take a week just to start to comprehend the importance of everything you’re seeing. My favorite however, is the view from the roof. It has great views of Central Park, the Upper East Side and Manhattan in all directions.    
That’s it for now. As always, more on Instagram and Twitter; if you’re one of the cool kids, that is. 

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