NYC15, Day 3: The Bridge

More steps, more pictures, fewer words. That should by the title of this post.

Yesterday we covered some serious ground; to the tune of 35,000 steps or so. I started the day off with a run in Prospect Park which ended up being 6 miles. We then walked to Fort Greene Farmers Market

We then strolled through downtown Brooklyn on our way to Brooklyn Heights… 
And then Brooklyn Heights on our way to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Then the Brooklyn Bridge park area… 


And of course, the Brooklyn Bridge… 

The evening ended at Dizzy’s Jazz Club in the Lincoln Center, where we watched Nilson Mata’s Brazilian Voyage. The picture isn’t great, but their performance WAS. It was an incredible way to cap an incredible day.

Today the plan is to head north (relatively) to The Bronx, and ease up a bit before we pack and get ready to head home tomorrow. As usual, more on Twitter and Instagram if you love apple cider doughnuts, naps and freedom.

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