Video: Why the Myers-Briggs Test is Totally Meaningless

I tend to think HR is at its worst when it tries to fit people into neat little categories. The more convenient the category the more mindless it asks employees to be, and the more mindless the employees are, the easier it is to get neat little results.

On the contrary, at its best, HR accepts the messiness of humanity, encourages it, and gets AMAZING results from it.

This video argues that the Myers-Briggs test serves mostly the purpose of entertainment, but I think it (along with our seemingly insatiable appetite for “Generations in the Workplace” conversations) also propagates the mindset that people can be “figured out”, or put into categories that don’t require deeper thought and a wider acceptance that everyone brings a completely unique set of skills to the table.

Okay, that’s enough from me. Watch the video:

And read the article that accompanies it on Vox.

Email subscribers, click here to watch.

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