Things I Appreciate In My Office


Yesterday, while having lunch at my desk (also called “Sad Desk Lunch”), I realized it’s been just about a month since we moved from our temporary office space back to our district offices. It’s great to be back in the mix.

As I ate, it occurred to me that things had already become routine in the new office. It already felt “normal”, and yet just a few short weeks ago we were happy, no, ELATED to move in. I decided to capture some of that while I could still remember it.

Here’s the list of a few things I appreciate in my office:

  • The little plant in my office is doing well – who cares if I’ve already had to call in the experts!
  • The gray on the walls of my cubicle remind me of the spooky underside of cumulonimbus clouds. I had to put some thought into that one.
  • The little red stress ball on my desk is worn. It’s been squeezed a trillion times, bounced a billion, and used to prove that a floor was sloped once. The smiley face printed on it has faded, but the spirit behind it hasn’t.
  • The post-it note dispenser that was included in my goodie bag for the 2011 3M Half Marathon is still in mint condition, mostly because I rarely use post-it notes.
  • My super complicated and unnecessarily fancy phone almost never rings. I pretty much only get voicemails from vendors and emails from people.
  • The ghost in our new office hasn’t harassed me. Yet.
  • The tape dispenser I’ve had since 2010 also contains the same roll of tape I’ve had since 2010. That’s got to be some kind of record. Who tapes stuff these days? It’s 2015!!!
  • The same goes for my stapler. We have robots for that now right?
  • I have three, that’s right THREE, bottles of hand sanitizer as gifted to me by coworkers from past birthdays and gift exchanges. They know me well.
  • I have two, that’s right TWO, sets of earbuds to drown out the noise of human interaction and happiness when I need to buckle down and really get some work done. The first is wireless because it’s cool. The second is wired, in case the batteries run out on the wireless.
  • The lighting in my office is good. I can see stuff. That’s good.
  • I have a huge map of the San Antonio Riverwalk on my wall, to taunt me into thinking that one day I’ll run from it’s beginning to its end. But honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • The storage drawers attached to my space age gray desk are mostly completely empty, the product of my new commitment to tidying up at home and at the office.
  • I have no idea what our fax number is, nor have I had the need to know what our fax number is. I remember someone mentioning a fax service (not a machine) when I first got hired. Legend has it that we still have it. Not sure.
  • The Runners World calendar on my wall is nice. It reminds me to run, and judges me when I don’t. I’m kidding, it’s just a calendar. It has no soul.
  • In my desk, I have a handful of gift cards to Starbucks and Whataburger (again, my coworkers know me well) that I keep trying to share with people, but they refuse. Yeah, that’s the ticket.
  • There is a card from a coworker on my wall, welcoming us back to the main office. That was truly nice of her.

It’s good to be back.

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