The #LosBeckAndBeaks Instagram Challenge

A few weeks back two friends and I decided to do a 30 day Instagram challenge. The idea came about spontaneously and required that we post one picture a day from our respective cities (San Antonio, Houston, New York).

This is not our style. We don’t do Instagram Challenges. We just go about our business, and more often than not, that business  doesn’t include posting anything on Instagram unless we’re traveling.

This little adventure has changed that, at least for me.

Looking for something unique to take a picture of in San Antonio every day has opened my eyes to the things I typically walk or drive past. It’s easy to be blind to the beauty of the communities we live in because we take it for granted, and this challenge has (for lack of a better word), challenged that.

With all of that in mind, and with just a few days left in the challenge, I want to share some of the pictures I took during the challenge. These are a few of my favorites.

Blue Star Arts Complex

Diwali Festival, San Antonio

Shoes on a fence outside Liberty Bar

View of the Riverwalk from the Guenther House

Turnaround point on an evening run along the Riverwalk, Downtown San Antonio

Also, if you’re on Instagram feel free to check out all the pictures using the hashtag #LosBecksAndBeaks.


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