5 HR Reads: Worker Happiness, Employee Retention, Being Freaking Awesome and More.

1200px-Puente_Gobernador_Nobre_de_Carvalho,_Macao,_2013-08-08,_DD_03 CroppedHappy Monday! I’ve scoured the internet for great Human Resources blog posts so you don’t have to. Be sure to give these solid reads a few minutes of your time as you start your work week!

Belong !! 

By Steve BrowneEveryday People

Key quote: “As HR professionals, what are we doing to make sure this happens for our employees and within our companies? You see, if people feel they truly belong in their role and at your organization, then you’ve tapped into something that is much more powerful than merely being engaged.” Read the rest here.

Chart of the Day: In a World of Infinite Choice, We Choose Very Little

By Steve BoeseSteve Boese’s HR Technology

Key quote: “This same self-selected narrowing of almost endless choices also is seen with the general internet, and with TV content. We have tons of options, almost too many, yet we end up gravitating and focusing on those very few choices we seem to enjoy and identify with the most. And again, those lists are pretty small.” Read the rest here.

Last Word: Employers Aren’t As Worried About Retention As You Think

By John HollonTLNT | Talent Management and HR 

Key quote: “If retention was a REAL concern, workers would be seeing their pay jump a lot more to help keep them on board, rather than having it stuck in neutral as it has been since the start of the Great Recession.” Read the rest here.

The Five Most Important Things To Do To Show The World You’re Freaking Awesome at What You Do…

By Kris DunnThe HR Capitalist

Key quote: “Awesomeness in a cloak of humility. You think I’m joking with you. I can assure you I’m not joking with you. There’s a path you can travel where people will get to view your accomplishments and won’t think of you as a Dale Carnegie/Eddie Haskel blowhard/suck-up.” Read the rest here.

Should You Care About Worker Happiness?

By China GormanChinaGorman.com

Key quote: “Do the characteristics that attract high quality candidates to your organization retain them for the medium- or long-term? For organizations battling it out in the talent wars around the globe, this is the next tough question to answer.” Read the rest here.


Image credit: "Puente Gobernador Nobre de Carvalho, Macao, 2013-08-08, DD 03" by Diego Delso. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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