Music: My 10 Most Played Songs of 2015

Here are my 10 most played songs of 2015, meticulously managed through my iTunes account over the last 12 months. Each artist on this list is worth exploring. To keep this list from being a list comprised of one or two artists, I’ve limited it to one song from each.

I also created a YouTube playlist, with all of the songs below and the songs that didn’t make the cut (due to my rule on duplication explained above), located here.

Email subscribers, you know the rule. Click here to partake in all the musical magical goodness.

Yep, I overthought this a bit. Enjoy!

10. Blue Moon, by Beck
9. Do I Wanna Know?, by The Arctic Monkeys
8. Ya Hey, by Vampire Weekend
7. Weight of Love, by The Black Keys
6. Don’t Wanna Fight, by Alabama Shakes
5. I Bet My Life, by Imagine Dragons
4. Mind Over Matter, by Young The Giant
3. Trouble, by T.V. On The Radio
2. Do You, by Spoon
1. Sorrow, by The National


Image credit: "Fireworks over Ponte Vecchio 2" by Martin Falbisoner - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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