2015: A Year in Review

La Antorcha de la Amistad (The Torch of Friendship), San Antonio Texas

Looking back on your year in detail is an incredible experience.

When I sat down to write this post, I knew choosing the posts that best tell the tale of 2015 would be an emotional journey. I knew that I would read some of the things I wrote and cringe, and that some stories would revisit some unbelievably funny moments. Further, I knew that some posts would recall much sadder, difficult times and that they would afford me time to think deeply about life, family, and friendship.

Every post made me think about the days and weeks just before and after their publication.

It was as if the real story of the year was in what was happening between each of these posts. It’s impossible to include every story and every event, but having these “mile markers” along the way brought me back to the days and weeks that mattered most in 2015. Because of this I have to admit, I’m glad I wrote as much as I did.

It was some year.

January – March

Yoga and I. A First Time for Everything

640px-Dickinson_Law_Yoga_Offering Cropped“(The instructor’s) brow raised. She was now asking if I had the capability to do what she was asking me to do. Once more she said, “RELAX”. The room was now HOT. The music continued to pump soothingly into the room as if it had somehow learned sarcasm.” Read the rest here .

I Miss My Friend

JHR“At work, Janet brought us together like no one could. She made it okay to laugh, to hang out together, and to get to know a bit about one another outside of work. No mistake, she was the heart and soul of our team. She will be profoundly missed by all of us.” Read the rest here

SXSW Interactive: The Perspective of One HR Nerd

image“HR as a profession is ripe for disruption. We don’t have to look very hard to see that many of our organizational frameworks are built around ways of seeing the world that are decades old.” Read the rest here

Relationships Matter. Yes, Even at Work!

Hands4“It’s far too easy to muddle the message that we are proud to display on our walls and public profiles with actions that make the people we work with feel like insignificant parts of our lives.” Read the rest here


April – June

Spur Some Change

640px-Los_Angeles_Lakers_vs._San_Antonio_Spurs Cropped“Every day we face the same choice that the Spurs face at the end of this season. We can choose to change so that we can proactively lead whatever is coming next, or we can choose to wait until it becomes painfully obvious that a change MUST be made.” Read the rest here

My First Job: The Town Built Just for Fun

crows nest“I think everyone dreams of working at a theme park at some point in their young lives. I was a cast member, not an employee. I served guests, not customers. I literally worked in “the town built just for fun”. What could be better than that???” Read the rest here


July – September

Post SHRM15, Resist Your Comfort Zone!

image“It’s hard to put that into words, and in many ways I don’t want to. If my friends and coworkers ask what was so amazing about the conference, I will have a hard time explaining it. I don’t want to quantify SHRM15, I want to keep living it.” Read the rest here

Highlight of My Day

SAC_CAC2_Nima Cropped“You know what the highlight of my work day was yesterday? Having students ask me questions one after another as I stepped out of the bathroom at work.” Read the rest here


October – December

NYC15 Day 1: Spread Love, It’s The Brooklyn Way

IMG_7699-0“The first day of our trip was filled with lots of travel, some misadventure on the subway, and getting reacquainted with the neighborhood.” Read the rest here.


Things I Appreciate In My Office

image“I have three, that’s right THREE, bottles of hand sanitizer as gifted to me by coworkers from past birthdays and gift exchanges. They know me well.” Read the rest here


So Flo Market, The Mayor, and I

image“As I entered the store, I looked back to see if my coworkers had made it with me. When I did, I noticed that I was right in front of our mayor. I glanced at her, then quickly looked forward. Should I say something?” Read the rest here

Rock and Roll SA (Today Was a Good Day)

image“I ran into Spurs Jesus in the hilly part of the course surrounding Trinity  University. Well actually, he just passed me. Even so, the sight of a man in full Jesus garb, wearing a Spurs hat, ascending hills was something to behold.” Read the rest here

Wishing you all the best as this year ends, and a new one begins. Have a safe and happy New Year. See you in 2016!


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