5 HR Reads: 2016 HR Trends, Delegation, Social Media and More

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Happy Monday! I rushed home after running errands in the most efficient manner possible to bring you 5 great HR reads to start your week. Check them out:

5 Powerful Human Resource Trends for 2016 

By Jessica Miller-Merrell. Blogging 4 Jobs

Key quote: “This simple fact, is the reason that human resources and recruiting are forever linked in that HR is responsible for the entire employee life cycle and not just focused on recruiting or hiring new employees.” Read the rest here.

What Do You Know About the Hourly Workforce?

By China GormanChinaGorman.com

Key quote: “If the data are to be believed, more than 30% of the U.S.’s hourly workforce has 1-3 years of college or more – with fully 24% having some graduate credits or an advanced degree!” Read the rest here.

What HR Should Be Talking About Most in 2016 (and what we need to stop talking about)

By Steve BoeseSteve Boese’s HR Technology

Key quote: “Here’s the thing about the rise in importance of the so-called ‘Gig Economy’, it is quite possible that its growth as a percentage of the labor force has been generally exaggerated possibly due to the oversized coverage that the largest Gig company, Uber, has received over the years.” Read the rest here.

Last Word: Hey Job Candidates, – If It’s In the Public Domain, It’s Fair Game

By John HollonTLNT | Talent Management and HR

Key quote: “Most of Prof. Strauss’ article focuses on the potential abuses that occur when social media is used for candidate screening, particularly the potential to discriminate against candidates because of information employers have found on the Internet.” Read the rest here.

Delegating Will Not Make You Dispensable – Ask #HR Bartender 

By Sharlyn LaubyHR Bartender

Key quote: “Delegation and abdication are two totally different things. Delegate means to entrust someone with a task. Abdicate means to abandon responsibility. Delegation is an important management skill.” Read the rest here.


"Dülmen, Börnste, Eisenbahnlinie Dortmund-Enschede -- 2015 -- 9918" by © Dietmar Rabich, rabich.de - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

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