Video: How Will Education Be Different In 100 Years?

At work recently I caused a minor stir by proclaiming that in order for someone to learn to use Excel, they didn’t really need to go to a class or read a book. Rather, I suggested tongue in cheek, we’d be better served teaching people to properly use Google.

In turn, when I first watched this video I was immediately struck by its opening statement:

“In 100 years will you need to know anything? I mean, will you need to know knowledge or will you just need to be an amazing processor of information and an analyst?” – Amanda Ripley, Journalist

She envisions a future where “knowledge” is already out there, we just have to be good at finding it, filtering it, and putting it to use. She made me feel better about my Excel training quip.

Others in the video stress the role automation will play in our lives, and that in some ways, we need to de-innovate our classrooms, that is, to return to an environment where we focus on “teachers, in small classrooms, face to face with their students”.

Check it out:

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