Medal Ten


On Sunday, I ran the 3M Half Marathon in Austin Texas. It was my third time to run this race, but my first since 2012. It is an amazing event, incredibly well organized, and the course is unbelievably friendly:

3m elevation

Oh, and the race swag is ALWAYS GREAT:

What I realized halfway through the course, however, is that Sunday’s race represented the 10th time I started a half marathon or marathon, and the 10th time I finished one. Whoa!

As I toot my own horn, I think it’s important to keep things in perspective. Over the last six years, I’ve run nine half marathons and one marathon. I’ve loved running, hated running, quit running and then come back to running.

Am I a fast runner? No. Am I the most consistent or fit runner? Heck no.

Even so, every once in a while, it’s nice to look back and give myself a bit of credit. On the first day of training for my first half marathon in 2009, I was assigned to run 4 miles. It was the longest run of my life up to that point, and I was sore for days. I’ve come a long way since that first run, and I’ve run hundreds (maybe thousands?) of miles along the way.

If you had asked me when I started if I would run more than one half marathon or ever run a full marathon I would have laughed. I used to hate thinking about running in those days, and now, it feels like I do my best thinking when I’m running. It’s funny how things change.

Now, on to medal eleven.


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