5 HR Reads: Becoming a Great HR Pro, HR Experimentation, Dialog and More

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Start your week with these great reads from the world of HR, employee engagement, and leadership.

Be sure to check out these posts, their respective blogs, and to connect with the HR leaders who wrote them!

Dead World Assembly

By Jay KuhnsNo Excuses HR

I admire Jay’s style of writing.  It gets right to the point in the way you’d expect from a blog called “No Excuses HR”. This post brings all of this to bear on the subject of out of touch leadership. It hones in on the disconnect between what leaders are proud to tout as priorities, and the actions that they take that send an entirely different message. Read it here

The Trick to Becoming a Great HR Pro

By Tim SackettTLNT | Talent Management and HR 

It’s easy to think of all the ways HR goes wrong. It’s easy to remember bad HR practice. This post does just the opposite. It reminds us (HR folks) what it takes to be a great HR pro by responding to a question posed by a recent HR grad. Remember what it felt like when we were trying to figure out how to make a difference in a field we were new to? Maybe we should. Read it here

Long Live HR Experimentation! 

By Kelly Poulson. Blogging4Jobs

Innovation and HR are often an unlikely pair. It’s not that HR folks don’t want to innovate (but let’s be honest, there are plenty that don’t want anything to do with innovation), it’s that innovation carries inherent risks that HR usually can’t afford to take. Enter the experiment; a safe way to test ideas, initiatives and programs. I agree 100% on this one, long live HR experimentation! Read it here

A or B ??

By Steve BrowneEveryday People

Steve is one of the most positive people I know. When he enters a room, everyone notices, because he has genuinely connected with them on a personal level. He chooses to believe in the best; in people, in their intentions and their interactions. He truly lives this as a choice, and this blog post is a great reminder that all of us have the power to do the same. Read it here

3 Ways to Foster Open Dialogue With Employees

By Sabrina BakerAcacia HR Solutions

Ladies and gentlemen of the modern workforce, we have an engagement problem. That’s not news, what might be news to you, however, is that what’s most likely at center of all of this, is a communication problem. This is a solid read on creating open, honest dialog with your employees. You can’t address engagement, or pretty much anything that matters without it. Read it here


Image credit: By Martin Mark - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45591215

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