Video: How Leap Year Works

If you’re a perfectionist this might irritate you.

Consider this quote from Vox’s video below:

“Leap year actually overcorrects slightly, so every 100 years we skip a leap day, but that puts the calendar slightly behind again, so we skip skipping leap day every 400 years”

There aren’t 365.25 nice, neat, manageable days in the Earth’s rotation around the sun, there are 365.24219. “Mere details” you may be thinking, but consider this. Over time, that difference (about 11 minutes a year) adds up to produce the same problem Leap Year was intended to solve!

Check it out:

Email subscribers, click here to watch.

Oh, and if you can’t already tell, I’m a big fan of Vox as a website, but especially of their timely videos. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel here. Below are links to some of their most popular:


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